How can I find copies of the icons used in Capstone?

How do I get copies of the icons used within PASCO Capstone?

With the release of our Capstone 2.0 software, we have a great number of new icons that you may want to incorporate into your training materials.  Attached is a PDF of the icons that are used within Capstone 2.0.  The original, full resolution files for these icons are on a computer that has Capstone installed.  The location for Windows computers is the following:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PASCO scientific\Capstone\Resources\Images"

The icons resources on a Mac can be found by Control-Clicking the icon for Capstone within the Applications folder.  From the menu, select "Show Package Contents".  From there you will be able to navigate to the folder containing the icons for Capstone.

File Attachments

Capstone 2.0 Icon Resources File Size: 1.82 MB