My PASCO Wireless Sensor or AirLink Won't Connect

I cannot connect my Wireless Sensor to PASCO software.

Please select the system/operating system you are using for specific Wireless Sensor troubleshooting instructions.

General PASCO Wireless Troubleshooting (all platforms)

  1. Make sure your computer/tablet/phone has Bluetooth 4.0 capability and Bluetooth is turned on
  2. Check that your PASCO software is a current version: Capstone 1.10 or higher, SPARKvue 4.0 or higher
  3. Wireless Sensor Hard Reset: Hold down the power (on/off) button for ~10 seconds. Release button. Lights will flash. Turn sensor back on. Try to pair sensor to PASCO software again.
  4. Connect Wireless Sensor to PASCO software (via USB if available on sensor) to check for a firmware update. Update your sensor.

Platform-Specific Troubleshooting Guides