Update SPARKvue (SPARK LX/LXi)

How do I update SPARKvue on my SPARK LX or SPARK LXi? Updating SPARKvue on the LXi is important because this is how firmware updates are pushed out to the interface portion of the device. Once you have completed the update of SPARKvue, please launch SPARKvue and turn on the interface. You will then be prompted to update the firmware for the interface (if this update has not already been done).

Please follow the instructions within this video as this will help with the update of MatchGraph!, Spectrometry, or other apps that have been installed on your SPARK LX or SPARK LXi through the PASCO app store.
Non-PASCO apps can be updates through the Google Play store (this has to be activated through the Instructor Permissions).

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