Determine the Bluetooth Version of My PASCO Device

How do I tell if my PASCO scientific wireless uses Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Classic?
If the part number for the sensor or interface starts with PS-32## then this sensor or interface will use the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. If the sensor or interface number starts with a PS or UI prefix, the sensor or interface will use the Bluetooth 2.0 or 2.1 protocol.

To determine if you need an additional adapter for these, please go to

The following interfaces and sensors use the BT 2.0 or BT 2.1 protocol.
PS-2600 Wireless Spectrometer
PS-2235 Wireless Polarimeter
UI-5001 550 Universal Interface
PS-2009A SPARKlink Air
PS-2010 Airlink

Generally, BLE devices can be connected simply within the PASCO application, while Bluetooth Classic devices must first be paired with a computing device's operating system.

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