Teaching AC & DC Circuits In-Class & At-Home with Modular Circuits - PASCO Live

JJ Plank and Dan Burns showcase the great ability to teach online or in-class with FREE resources that can be used with basic and complex circuitry. Broadcast live on May 21, 2020.

Modular Circuits: www.pasco.com/products/guides/modular-circuits
Distance Learning resources : www.pasco.com/resources/home-science-tools
PASCO Video Library : www.pasco.com/resources/video

Pre-recorded webinars:
Capstone: youtu.be/1Wak2RH68gY
SPARKvue: youtu.be/ezT6p_IWNpU

Specialists to help you:
Dan Burns (physics): dburns@pasco.com
JJ plank (physics): plank@pasco.com
Dr. JP Keener: jkeener@pasco.com

Sales: imartin@pasco.com
Tell him JP sent you for a special deal.

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