Calibration of Force on Wireless Force/ Acceleration Sensor (SPARKvue)

How do I calibrate the force sensor on a wireless force acceleration sensor? After charging, updating, and warming up the sensor, the sensor is ready to be calibrated. This calibration will be stored on the sensor following the calibration of the measurement.
Place the sensor in the orientation in which it will be used with the accessories that will be used with it. When attaching the accessory (bumper or hook), make sure to monitor the data while attaching the accessory to make sure that the accessory is not applying any forces (other than its weight) to the sensor. Zero the sensor prior to moving to the next setp. Select the measurement tools, and click on the crossahairs next to the force meausurement. The calibration will default to the 2 Point Adjust Slope and Offset. Click on continue. With no weight (and only the accessories that will be used), click on "Set Calibration". Next, click on the triangle next to Calibration Point 2. The standard value will be the calculated weight of the standard weight that is attached to the sensor. Once you have hung the weight on the hook and any swinging of the weight has stopped, the click "set calibration" that is displayed below Calibration Point 2.

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