Distance Learning: Coding and Computational Thinking with Blockly - PASCO Live

PASCO Capstone™ and SPARKvue software now support coding through Blockly!

Join us live to learn how you can use coding to enhance science learning in your classroom.

We will address relevant topics, including:
- Computational and sequential thinking
- Principles of coding for scientific investigation
- Basic sense-and-respond interactions

Plus, we’ll demonstrate how students can use Blockly to continue learning from home without additional equipment.

Distance Learning resources : www.pasco.com/resources/home-science-tools
PASCO Video Library : www.pasco.com/resources/video
PASCO Experiment Library: www.pasco.com/resources/lab-experiments

Specialists to help you:
Dr. JP Keener: jkeener@pasco.com
Heidi Brennan (computational Thinking Expert): Hbrennan@pasco.com
send us pictures of your coding successes

US Domestic Sales: imartin@pasco.com
Tell him JP and Heidi sent you for a special deal.

International Sales: www.pasco.com/support/fine-my-rep

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