What's New from PASCO for 2021

Lights, camera, science! PASCO Live is back with new tools and solutions for the new year. Join us this week to get a sneak peek at some of the exciting things we have planned for 2021. From hands-on solutions for science and coding to the latest innovations in K-12 and beyond, you won't want to miss this close-up preview of what's new from PASCO for 2021.

Featured products
Smart Cart Motor: www.pasco.com/products/lab-apparatus/mechanics/carts-and-tracks/me-1247
Biology Starter Lab Station: www.pasco.com/products/bundles/biology/eb-6334
Wireless Polarimeter: www.pasco.com/products/sensors/chemistry/ps-3237
/code.Node Cart: www.pasco.com/products/lab-apparatus/mechanics/carts-and-tracks/ps-3235
//code.Node: www.pasco.com/products/sensors/wireless/ps-3231
PASCO Academy: www.pasco.com/products/curriculum/pasco-academy

Useful links
Distance Learning Resources :
PASCO Video Library : www.pasco.com/resources/video
PASCO Experiment Library: www.pasco.com/resources/lab-experiments
PASCO Live Events: www.pasco.com/training-and-events/pasco-live

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