Pair BT 2.0 Device to LX/LXi (SPARK LX/LXi)

How do I pair a BT 2.0 device to a SPARK LX or SPARK LXi? Many of the PASCO wireless devices, such as the polarimeter, the SPARKlink Airs, Airlink2's, or 550 interfaces are BT 2.0 devices. Pairing these devices to the LX or LXi is a two step process. The device must first be paired through the BT manager for the SPARK LX/ LXi. Once the device is paired through the BT manager, this BT 2.0 device will be visible within PASCO software such as SPARKvue for the Polarimeter or Airlink, or through Spectrometry for the PS-2600.

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