Hybrid Learning with //code.Node - PASCO Live

Join us for an introduction to PASCO’s latest innovation and see how you can infuse coding in new and exciting ways both in class and from home. We will run through the unboxing of //code.Node and introduce its multitude of features. Then, we'll model an in-class lesson, followed by how a student might complete an extension to the lesson at home.

Distance Learning Resources : www.pasco.com/resources/home-science-tools
PASCO Video Library : www.pasco.com/resources/video
PASCO Experiment Library: www.pasco.com/resources/lab-experiments

Specialists to help you:
Dr. JP Keener: jkeener@pasco.com
Heidi Brennan (computational Thinking Expert): Hbrennan@pasco.com
send us pictures of your coding successes

US Domestic Sales: imartin@pasco.com
Tell him JP and Heidi sent you for a special deal.

International Sales: www.pasco.com/support/fine-my-rep

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