Remotely Log Data with a Wireless Sensor (SPARKvue)

How do I use the data logging feature of wireless sensors with SPARKvue? It is possible to use SPARKvue to setup wireless sensors for remotely collecting data over long periods of time when the sensor is not attached to a computing device.

All of PASCO's white wireless sensors support onboard data logging:

You can extend the logging time for the sensor by deselecting measurements within the sensor that are not needed. This will free up these memory spots for the data that you want. If it is not possible to turn off a measurement that you do not need to record, you can reduce the sampling rate to the lowest rate available, again, freeing up these memory locations for the data that you want to keep. If using a wireless weather sensor with GPS, the data collection time can be greatly increased by turning off the GPS sensor (if not needed).

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