Export Spectrometry Data (Spectrometry)

How do I export data collected within Spectrometry software on a Windows computer? After selecting a run of data within the Spectrometry software, select the Share button on the upper right hand side. Choose the folder to save the file in and name the file with information about the run. This file can then be opened within a spreadsheet program like Excel. Please make sure to repeat this process for each of the runs that you have performed within the workbook as each run will require its own export step. The software will only export the type of data that is shown in the active screen when the export data button is selected. For instance, if you want to export both a full spectrum and a absorption vs time graph, you will first have to have the spectrum page visible, and then select the export button, then change to the absoption vs time screen, and then select export data again (with a different file name).

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