How do I charge the SPARK LX and SPARK LXi? The SPARK LX and SPARK LXi charge through microusb connectors. These devices can receive up to 2 A of current from their chargers.
If you have found that you have forgotten to charge your LXi's and need to use them in class while they are plugged in, it may be helpful to use them without the interface turned on (if you do not need this powered on for data collection or to provide power to sensors that require a warm up time). This will reduce the amount of power consumed by the electronics and allow more power to go into the battery. You can also reduce the screen brightness so that more the current flowing into the LXi goes into the charging of the batteries.
Updating SPARKvue on LXi to 4.0.1 and later will make it easier to determine if the interface is powered on.

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