Explore the PASCO Academy - PASCO Live

Join us this week on PASCO Live to explore the PASCO Academy alongside our Instructional specialists. They'll walk you through a day at the Academy, while presenting the four main components of PASCO Academy: Physics and Chemistry, including:
1. An overview of the instructional resources educators receive prior to their students' lab day.
2. A demonstration of what our Instructors will present to students on lab days, including experimentation, data collection, and files for them to analyze using the included PASCO software.
3. A sample, follow-up segment that explores what the analysis may look like for students and discusses the experiment's scientific relevance.
4. A sneak peek at the interactive Educator Forum with live support and faculty coaching.
Want to learn more before Thursday's event? Visit us online for an early look at PASCO Academy.

PASCO Academy: www.pasco.com/products/curriculum/pasco-academy
Distance Learning Resources : www.pasco.com/resources/home-science-tools
PASCO Video Library : www.pasco.com/resources/video
PASCO Experiment Library: www.pasco.com/resources/lab-experiments
PASCO Live Events: www.pasco.com/training-and-events/pasco-live

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