Clear RAM for iOS Device (SPARKvue)

How do I clear the RAM for an iOS device to help SPARKvue and other apps work the best they can on an iOS device? Clearing the RAM on an iOS device makes all of the computing resources on your phone or other iOS device available for applications that are opened in the future. This can help SPARKvue work the best it can and utilize the needed resources more easily. The clear the RAM, press and hold the sleep button for 5 seconds. When the shut down screen appears, press and hold the Home button at the bottom of the iOS device. After pressing this for 10 s, you will be asked to enter in your code (if needed). After the code has been entered, the RAM has been cleared and you will have more computing resources available for the apps you will open in the future. This process is much faster than restarting your iOS device.

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