Research and Case Studies

A collection of research papers focused on the value of probeware to science education and a selection of case studies from institutions using PASCO solutions from around the world.

PASCO White Papers

PASCO and IB Science White Paper

Communicating the clear synergy between successful International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs and PASCO products and services formed by the principles of inquiry-based teaching and learning.

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The PASCO Scientific White Paper

Exhaustively researched and refined over a long period of time, our corporate white paper shows how PASCO can support science education initiatives to improve scientific literacy, engage students and deepen understanding of core concepts.

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Selected Case Studies

Harmony Public Schools in Texas

When Harmony Public Schools looked to develop a STEM curriculum incorporating Project Based Learning in all 25 high schools across Texas they chose to integrate sensor and software solutions from PASCO. Their teachers worked in conjunction with the PASCO curriculum team to create materials for their PBL program. Their program has been hugely successful both in terms of student ownership in learning and in terms of achievement on state tests.

Barrows STEM Academy in Connecticut

Barrows STEM Academy opened it's doors in 2013 as the first K-8 STEM magnet school in northeastern Connecticut. After piloting the use of sensors and software they decided to partner with PASCO. The technology has created real-life connections for students and boosted their state science scores significantly, including the number of grade 5 students reaching goal level on their Mastery test for science by over 20%

Brighton Grammar, Melbourne Australia

Brighton Grammar is an all-boys school in a suburb of Melbourne that had been struggling with outdated and unreliable science equipment before implementing PASCO solutions.The results were higher student engagement, motivation, and achievement. Inquiry based learning also saw a positive shift in the role of teachers as well.

Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida

Biology teacher Larry Plank expanded the use of probeware in Hillsborough County Public Schools to support inquiry-based learning and help students develop a love of science. See the results of this PASCO partnership in 250 schools, which include more than 200,000 students.

Additional Research and Best Practices

Key Findings - A White Paper summary

This is a brief summary of the key findings found within our corporate white paper. A review of the research done and the expert opinions that were incorporated in that larger document, it distills the needs and calls to action in modern science education to five crucial points.

Creating modern and effective STEM programs

Transformational changes in science education are required to build global competency in STEM among students. This guide outlines current issues, a method of evaluating their position and keys for implementing changes that will foster growth through integration of technology in the classroom.

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan

The Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) in Kazakhstan were established to transform and modernize their country's schools. They chose to partner with PASCO to help transform their science education not only for the innovative technology solutions but also for the comprehensive professional development we could provide.