Showing 5 experiments that use the Building Better Bridges Kit.

High School / EngineeringSTEM

Forces in Equilibrium

In this lab, students first compare forces created from weights hanging from a load cell. Then, students will construct simple bridges, add weights,...

High School / EngineeringSTEM

Internal Forces

In Part 1, students learn how to measure tension and compression using a load cell and beams. In Part 2, students construct a bridge, then, study...

High School / EngineeringSTEM

Moments in Equilibrium

In this lab, students construct a bridge to explore moments in equilibrium. Students will move weights across their structure, measure reaction...

High School / EngineeringSTEM

Strength of Members

In this lab, students use a force sensor to study the force limits of samples varying in length and thickness. Students will analyze the impacts...

High School / EngineeringSTEM

Truss Analysis

In this lab, students construct bridges and measure the forces in each member to develop a deeper understanding of compression and tension within...

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