Showing 4 experiments that use the Calorimetry Cups (6).

Advanced Placement / Chemistry

Building a Better Hand Warmer

Students use a temperature sensor to determine the heat of solution of a number of ionic compounds and propose a practical hand warmer design.

Source: Advanced Chemistry through Inquiry

High School / Chemistry

Specific Heat

Students use a temperature sensor to experimentally determine the identity of a metal based on its specific heat capacity.

Source: Essential Chemistry Teacher Lab Manual

Advanced Placement / Environmental Science

Investigating Specific Heat

In this lab, students explore specific heat by measuring the temperatures of water and sand under an incandescent bulb. Then, they use a calorimeter...

Source: Advanced Environmental & Earth Sciences

High School / Chemistry

Heat of Fusion

In this lab, students will use a fast response temperature sensor and calorimetry to determine the heat of fusion for water.

Source: Chemistry Through Inquiry

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