Essential Elementary Science Teacher Lab Manual

The following list of elementary science activities get students measuring data and visualizing numbers using methods that nurture their foundational understandings of mathematical concepts. You may preview and download editable student handouts, SPARKvue files, Google Slides, materials lists, and the complete Teacher Lab Manual. Teacher resource files, including SPARKvue files and answer keys, can be accessed by signing in to or creating a PASCO account.

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Lab Title Detail
00 Essential Elementary Science Teacher Lab Manual (complete)
01 Temperature and Change
02 Evidence of Chemical Reactions
03 Thermal Insulators and Conductors
04 Can Plants Survive without Light?
05 How a Greenhouse Works: Light
06 How a Greenhouse Works: Heat
07 MatchGraph!
08 Determining Sound Levels
09 Monitoring Weather
10 Weather and Climate: Microclimates

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