Essential Biology Teacher Lab Manual

The following list of inquiry-based labs are from PASCO's Essential Biology Teacher Lab Manual. You may preview and download editable student handouts, Google Slides, SPARKvue files, and the complete student lab manual. Teacher resource files can be accessed by signing into a PASCO account or by creating a new account. Individual materials lists are included within each student handout, and a complete materials list is provided below.

Product Detail Materials List


Lab Title Detail
00 Essential Biology Student Lab Manual (complete)
01A Enzyme Action - Pressure Sensor
01B Enzyme Action - Oxygen Sensor
02 Membrane Permeability (pH sensor)
03 Organisms and pH
04 Osmosis
05 Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis
06 Respiration of Germinating Seeds
07 Buffers in Biological Systems
08 Acid Rain
09 Cellular Respiration in Yeast
10 Energy Content of Food
11 Metabolism of Yeast
12 Photosynthesis of Aquatic Plants
13 Soil pH
14 Transpiration
15 Water and pH
16 Water Purification
17 Weather in a Terrarium
18 EKG: Factors that Affect the Heart
19 Exercise and Heart Rate
20 Exercise and Blood Pressure
21 Muscle Strength
22 Regulation of Body Heat
23 Volume of Breath
24 Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis

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