Essential Physics 3rd Ed. Student Textbook

The following list of student lab activities are from PASCO's Essential Physics 3rd Edition Student Textbook and are designed for use with the Essential Physics Comprehensive Equipment Kit. You may preview and download editable student handouts, or export them to Google Classroom using the chalkboard icon.

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01A Graphs of Motion
03B Velocity, Position, and Time
04A Acceleration
04B A Model for Accelerated Motion
05A Newton's Second Law
05B Hooke's Law
05C Static and Kinetic Friction
06C Acceleration on an Inclined Plane
09A Work and the Force Versus Distance Graph
10A Inclined Plane and the Conservation of Energy
10B Work and Energy
10C Springs and the Conservation of Energy
10D Work Done Against Friction
10E Design a Crash Barrier
11A Conservation of Momentum
11B Inelastic Collisions
11C Elastic Collisions
12C Ramps and Inclined Planes
14A Oscillators
14C Resonance
15C Interference
17A Electricity and Circuits
17B Voltage and Batteries
17C Resistors and Ohm's Law
17D Series and Parallel Circuits
17E Electrical Power
17F Compound Circuits
18C Static Electricity on Transparent Tape
19A Build an Electromagnet
19C Build a Paper Clip Motor
20A Magnification of Mirrors and Lenses
20B Reflection in a Plane Mirror
21A Refraction of Light
21B Creating Real and Virtual Images with Lenses
21C Image Formation for a Convex Lens
21D Build a Microscope and a Telescope
22B Detect Infrared Radiation with a Prism
23B Specific Heat of Water and Steel
24B Visualizing Convection
26B Phosphorescence
26D Identifying Elements Using Spectroscopy

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