Essential Chemistry Teacher Lab Manual

The following list of inquiry-based labs are from PASCO's Essential Chemistry Teacher Lab Manual. You may preview and download editable student handouts, Google Slides, and the complete student lab manual. Teacher resource files can be accessed by signing into a PASCO account or by creating a new account. Individual materials lists are included within each student handout, and a complete materials list is provided below.

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Lab Title Detail
00 Essential Chemistry Student Lab Manual (complete)
01A Experimental Variables
01B Investigating the Temperature Scale
02A Density of a Solid
02B Density of a Liquid
03A Chemical Formula
03B Pure Substances and Mixtures
03C Physical or Chemical Change
04A Temperature and Thermal Energy
04B Specific Heat
04C Energy from Food
04D Heat of Fusion
04E Project: Design an Insulator
04F Research Presentation: Insulators in the Home
05A Patterns and Trends
05B Naming Ionic Compounds
05C Store Labels and Model Building
06A Counting by Weighing
06B Molar Mass
06C Percent Composition of a Hydrate
06D Empircal Formula of Magnesium Oxide
07A Balancing Chemical Equations
07B Chemical Reactions
07C Solubility Rules
08A Conservation of Mass
08B Percent Yield
08C Modeling limiting Reactants
08D Determining Limiting Reactants
08E Project: Design an Airbag
08F Research Enhancement: Airbags and Consumers
09A Isotopic Composition
09B What is a Wave
09C Light Energy
09D Flame Tests
10A Types of Bonding
10B Lewis structures and VSEPR
10C Surface Tension
11A Evaporative Cooling
11B State Changes
11C Hess's Law
12A Volume of a Gas
12B Boyle's Law
12C Charles' Law
13A Electrolytes
13B Solution Concentration
13C Colored Solutions
13D Project: Design a Purification Process
13E Research Enhancement: Water Purification
14A Optimum Conditions
14B Catalysts
15A Reaction Equilibrium
15B Le Chatelier's Principle
16A What is pH?
16B Titration of an Unknown Acid
16C Antacids: An Inquiry Study
17A Vitamin C titration
18A Electrochemical Cells
18B Electroplating
18C Lemon Battery
18D Project: Design a Galvanic Cell
18E Research Enhancement: Galvanic Cells
19A Half-Lives
20A Bonding and Organic Chemistry
20B Distilling Aromatic Compounds
20C Fragrant Esters
21A Polymers
21B Amino Acid to Protein
22A Chlorophyll Extraction
22B Respiration and Energy
23A Greenhouse Gases
23B The Water Cycle
23C Ocean Currents
23D Ocean Acidification
24A Spectroscopy

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