Advanced Physics Through Inquiry 2

The following is a complete list of lab activities from PASCO's Advanced Physics 2 Teacher Guide. You may preview and download editable student handouts or export them to your LMS or GSJ using the chalkboard icon. These activities include AP/IB-alignment details, SPARKvue and Capstone data files, and a Teacher Guide file. The materials list for each experiment is provided within its student handout.

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Lab Title IB Topics AP Topics Detail
00 Introduction to the Teacher Guide----
01 Hydrostatic PressureB.33.C.4.1; 3.C.4.2
02 Buoyant ForceB.31.E.1.2; 3.A.3.1; 3.C.4.2
03 Fluid DynamicsB.35.B.10.1; 5.B.10.3; 5.B.10.4
04 Boyle's Law3.25.B.7.2; 7.A.3.2; 7.A.3.3
05 Spherical Mirror ReflectionC.16.E.4.1; 6.E.4.2
06 Snell's Law4.46.E.3.2; 6.E.3.3
07 Focal Length of a Convergent LensC.16.E.5.1; 6.E.5.2
08 Interference and Diffraction4.4; 9.2; 9.36.C.3.1
09 Electric Field Mapping5.1; 10.12.E.2.1
10 Magnetic Fields5.42.D.2.1; 2.D.3.1; 2.D.4.1
11 Magnetic Field Strength5.42.D.2.1
12 Electromagnetic Induction11.14.E.2.1
13 Capacitor Fundamentals11.34.E.4.2; 4.E.4.3
14 Series and Parallel Capacitors11.34.E.5.3; 5.B.9.5
15 RC Circuits11.34.E.5.1; 4.E.5.2; 4.E.5.3
16 Planck's Constant12.16.F.3.1; 6.F.4.1

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