Advanced Physics Through Inquiry 2

The following is a complete list of student lab activities from PASCO's Advanced Physics Through Inquiry 2 Teacher Guide. You may preview and download individual student lab activities as well as view detailed information regarding what files are included, AP/IB standards correlations, and recommended PASCO equipment if applicable.

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Student Lab Experiments

00. Introduction to the Teacher Guide
01. Hydrostatic Pressure
02. Buoyant Force
03. Fluid Dynamics
04. Boyle's Law
05. Spherical Mirror Reflection
06. Snell's Law
07. Focal Length of a Convergent Lens
08. Interference and Diffraction
09. Electric Field Mapping
10. Magnetic Fields
11. Magnetic Field Strength
12. Electromagnetic Induction
13. Capacitor Fundamentals
14. Series and Parallel Capacitors
15. RC Circuits
16. Planck's Constant

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