Chemistry Through Inquiry

Legacy Notice: The following collection of experiments utilize older generation PASCO sensors and equipment. View the updated versions of these experiments »

The following is a complete list of lab activities from PASCO's Chemistry Through Inquiry Teacher Guide. You may preview and download editable student handouts, or export them to your Google Classroom using the chalkboard icon. Some activities within the guide do not require sensors, while others can be completed using individual sensors, Lab Stations, or sensor bundles. Individual materials lists are included within each student handout document and a complete materials list is provided below.

Product Detail Materials List


Lab Title Detail
00 Introduction to the Teacher Guide
01 Significant Figures
02 Density
03 Graphing Mass versus Volume to Determine Density
04 Percent Oxygen in Air
05 Conservation of Matter
06 Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds
07 Electrolyte versus Non-Electrolyte Solutions
08 Boyle's Law
09 Gay-Lussacs's Law and Absolute Zero
10 Phase Change
11 Specific Heat
12 Heat of Fusion
13 Intermolecular Forces
14 Concentration of a Solution: Beer's Law
15 pH of Household Chemicals
16 Electrochemical Battery: Energy from Electrons
17 Evidence of a Chemical Reaction
18 Stoichiometry
19 Single Replacement Reactions
20 Molar Mass of Copper
21 Double Replacement Reactions
22 Rates of Reaction
23 Ideal Gas Law
24 Heats of Reaction and Solution
25 Hess's Law
26 An Acid-Base Titration
27 Diprotic Titration: Multi-Step Chemical Reactions
28 Le Chatelier's Principle

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