Elementary School Science Teacher Guide

The following list of activities can be found in PASCO's Elementary School Science Teacher Guide. You may preview and download student handouts, as well as the Teacher Guide Introduction, which contains important tips, safety precautions, and a list of activity components for each grade level.

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Lab Title Detail
00 Introduction to the Teacher Guide
01 Heavy and Heavier
02 Near and Far
03 Mixing Water
04 Light and Dark
05 Exploring Temperatures
06 Hot and Cold
07 Weather Instruments
08 Freezing and Melting Water
09 Conservation of Matter
10 Hunting with Light
11 Investigating Sound Levels
12 Feeling and Measuring Temperature
13 Cars and Heat
14 Observing Clouds
15 Can Plants Survive without Light and Water?
16 Temperature and Change
17 The Water Cycle
18 Conductor or Not
19 Electric Circuits
20 What is an Electromagnet?
21 Determining Sound Levels
22 Keeping Warm
23 Heating Land and Water
24 Chemical Reactions
25 Weather Station
26 Dew and Frost
27 Microclimates
28 How a Greenhouse Works: Light
29 How a Greenhouse Works: Heat

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