Middle School Physical Science Teacher Guide

The following list of lab activities are from PASCO's Middle School Physical Science Teacher Guide. You may preview and download editable student handouts as well as the Teacher Guide Introduction, which contains an overview of the activities, a master materials list and safety precautions. Individual materials lists are included within each student handout, and a complete materials list is provided below.

Product Detail Materials List


Lab Title Detail
00 Introduction to the Teacher Guide
01 Archimedes' Principle
02 Boyle's Law
03 Conservation of Matter
04 Energy Transfer
05 Exploring Velocity and Inertia
06 Heat Transfer in Fluids
07 Investigating Evaporative Cooling
08 Investigating Solar Energy
09 Measuring Light Intensity
10 Measuring the Voltage of Elements in Series
11 Motion Graphs
12 Neutralizing an Acid and a Base
13 Newton's First Law
14 Newton's Third Law
15 Observing Freezing Point Depression
16 Observing Phase Changes
17 Simple Harmonic Motion
18 Simple Machines and Force
19 Speed and Velocity
20 Transfer of Energy in Chemical Reactions
21 Varying Reaction Rates
22 Voltage Time
23 Work and Mechanical Advantage

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