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Focal Length of a Convergent Lens

In this lab, students use an optics light source, optics track, and viewing screen to measure the image and object distances associated with the real image formed by a converging lens, and then determine the focal length of the lens.


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Standards Correlations

IB Topics AP Topics
C.1 6.E.5.1; 6.E.5.2

Featured Equipment

1.2 m Optics Track

This optics bench is used for lens and mirror experiments, inverse-square law, and diffraction/interference experiments.

Adjustable Lens Holder

Adjustable Lens Holder

Allows unmounted lenses and mirrors to be used with other optics equipment, such as the Basic Optics System.

Dynamics Track Optics Carriage

Dynamics Track Optics Carriages (Set of 4)

Allows students to use the Dynamics Track and PAStrack to be used as an optical bench.

Basic Optics Light Source

Basic Optics Light Source

An all-in-one bright point source, illuminated crossed-arrow object, primary-color source, and ray box with up to five parallel rays.

Basic Optics Viewing Screen

Basic Optics Viewing Screen

Project images onto this white plastic screen, which is used with Basic Optics systems.

Many lab activities can be conducted with our Wireless, PASPORT, or even ScienceWorkshop sensors and equipment. For assistance with substituting compatible instruments, contact PASCO Technical Support. We're here to help.

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Advanced Physics Through Inquiry 2

Focal Length of a Convergent Lens