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Magnetic Field Mapping

Visualize the magnetic field by using small compasses to trace magnetic field lines for a dipole, a repulsive dipole, and a quadrupole field.


Student Files

85_Magnetic_Field_Mapping.cap 2.57 MB
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85_Dipole_Field_w_compass.jpg 32.45 KB
85_Dipole_Field.jpg 31.29 KB
85_dip_field.JPG 939.22 KB
85_Dipole.JPG 958.58 KB
85_Quad_Field.JPG 893.61 KB
85_Quadrapole.JPG 703.16 KB
85_rep_dip_field.JPG 1.19 MB
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85_Magnetic_Field_Mapping.pdf 79.65 KB
Source: Lab #85

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Magnetic Field Mapping