Rotary Motion Sensor: Centripetal Acceleration Accessory

Centripetal acceleration accessory for a rotary motion sensor with three block parts for setting the channel at different angles (10, 15, and 20 degrees).

Centripetal Acceleration Accessory10 Degree Accessory

15 Degree Accessory20 Degree Accessory

The blocks have an inset where you can place a mass that acts as a counter-balance. You will need a small ball that is able to roll along the channel, a 3.1 cm diameter mass, Rotary Motion Sensor, and a rod stand.

  • Attach a block on the axle of a Rotary Motion Sensor.
  • Attach the channel to the block.
  • Spin the system up - observe that the ball remains at the top of the channel, and slowly rolls down as the system loses energy.
  • Place a ball on the channel and spin the system up.

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