Super Smart Cart

3D print your own giant (and functional!) demonstration Smart Cart. This cart was too big for our printer so we had to print it in two halves that snap and glue together. The 3D printed façade snaps onto an actual PASCO Smart Cart, giving enough clearance for the real Smart Cart's wheels.  This means the built in encoder works as does the 3-axis accelerometer and gyro.

Also included is a file called “Force Bracket” which screws into the force sensor on the real Smart Cart to extend the force sensor to the force sensor hole on the giant Smart Cart. Then you can install a ¼-20 hook to make the Smart Cart force sensor functional on the giant Smart Cart.

Note: The Giant Smart Cart is only a facade that is placed over an actual PASCO Smart Cart. 

The Giant Smart Cart is perfect for large scale demonstrations. And you can still collect and stream data for position, velocity, acceleration (x, y, z and resultant), rotation and forces just like a regular Smart Cart.

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