Back to School 2017-2018 Biology Edition

October 5, 2017

Tips for taking care of your PASCO sensors, free lab activities, a chance to submit your own lab ideas and enter to win a bundle of biology sensors, free online trainings and more. We've put together a number of useful resources to help you this school year.

Most PASCO sensors and interfaces don't require any maintenance, but for continued accurate measurements, we recommend a little tune-up for some sensors at the beginning of the school year.

Here are 10 tips to make sure your equipment is in optimal condition before your students start using them in the field or lab.

  1. Get new lab ideas for hard to teach topics by downloading a FREE copy of any PASCO lab manual.

  2. Enter to win one of three biology standard bundles. Submit your creative lab idea 500-1000 words (with data and photos) to if selected we’ll share your idea and send you a bundle. Must enter by 12/31/2017.

  3. Power-up. After summer break batteries may need a little top-off before use so make sure they’re ready to go.  

  4. Sign-up for FREE online training with our Education Solutions team.

  5. Subscribe to our YouTube channels with +150 videos on labs and sensors including great demos that can be used for warm-ups on our #PASCOshorts channel.
  1. Update your software* SPARKvue 3.0 ®  has just been released for PC, Mac®, iOS Android and Chrome. Mobile devices nearly take care of themselves but you’ll need to download the latest version for PC and Mac. There’s a bunch of new features and you can see them all in our 94sec overview video.

  2. Update your sensors. If you’ve got some of the new wireless sensors connect them to your mobile device or computer once SPARKvue is updated we continuously improve the sensors too!
    • Added Solar PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) and Solar Irradiance (w/m2) to the Wireless Light Sensor
    • No more Bluetooth Adapter required on Windows laptops with supported hardware
    • Improved battery life and performance

  1. Clean your pH Sensors. After repeated use and/or prolonged storage salts and even some living organisms can build up on pH Sensors. Dishsoap and hot water should do the trick, the sensor manual has instructions for more stubborn build up.
  1. Order consumables;


  1. Take advantage of PASCO's 5 year warranty (on PASCO built products). Our support team can help you fix problems and send you a repair authorization if necessary. Not sure if your product is in warranty? No problem, we can look up your purchase for you. Products out of warranty? You can still send them in for repair. Call 1800-772-8700 and ask for teacher support or email

*Software gets update more often than blog posts so please check the download section of the website to make sure you have the latest (and greatest) version.



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