Dec 8th, 2020 — Earth Science • Elementary Science • Life Science • Physical Science

PASCO //code.Node Receives Four-Star Review in Physics Education

PASCO’s turnkey coding solution, the //code.Node, recently received a four-star review in the November issue of Physics Education. Physics Education is a peer-reviewed academic journal that is published by The Institute of Physics Publishing six times a year. Reviewer and first-time //code.Node user, John Kinchin, shared his thoughts about the //code.Node’s functionality, durability, and ease of use. Check out highlights from his piece below, or read the full article from Physics Education online

Highlights from Mr. Kinchin's review of the PASCO //code.Node in Physics Education:

The //code.Node is very well made—up to the usual Pasco standard, and is very well thought out. 

As an absolute beginner to Blockly, I found it very easy to learn to program and within 30 min had programs up and running that detected light and temperature and gave an image on the matrix and a beep when a certain condition was reached.

On top of this you have the very sophisticated analysis/desktop publishing capability of Capstone and Sparkvue, so intelligent logging is well within reach.

Even as an experienced programmer, there was a real sense of enjoyment when a few lines of Blockly code allowed the //code.Node to become a portable meter which I could carry around, independent of the laptop/tablet I had programmed it with.

I can see young programmers designing alarms to warn of temperature, motion or light very quickly.

I would envisage [the //code.Node] being really useful for pupils and students of the Junior/early secondary school age groups.

A reasonable pupil at the age of 8 should be able to at least program the unit; older students should be able to use Capstone or Sparkvue to display data in graphical form.

...this is a brilliant starter to coding and data-logging.


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