Oct 20th, 2020 — Physics

Physics Education Publishes Rave Review of the Wireless Smart Gate

John Kinchin reviews the PASCO Wireless Smart Gate in the September issue of Physics Education.

PASCO’s Wireless Smart Gate recently received a rave review by John Kinchin in the September issue of Physics Education. Physics Education is a peer-reviewed academic journal that is published by The Institute of Physics Publishing six times a year. A PASCO favorite, the Wireless Smart Gate measures time, velocity and acceleration. What’s more, it includes a tape port, laser port, USB port and an extension port that offers users additional features when used with PASCO accessories.

Here’s what Mr. Kinchin had to say about the Wireless Smart Gate:

The unit is very well built and has been designed with flexibility in mind.

Charging took a few hours and I am still, after two weeks, using the initial charge.

I found the Bluetooth connection a joy to use and probably would not use a fixed connection unless forced to do so. I found no problems with connectivity even though other Bluetooth devices were connected.

Whilst it is most at home with the Pasco accessories and Pasco dynamics track, this does not stop it being used as a stand-alone light gate.

From a design point of view this has been very carefully thought out.

And, of course, we couldn't exclude his praise of our dedicated support teams.

I must congratulate Pasco support, which are open to suggestions/questions and are very quick to respond.

Both pieces of software are fast and customisable and the website support given by Pasco remains impressive, with lessons and a substantial manual including an introduction video.

Thank you to John Kinchin for recognizing the PASCO Wireless Smart Gate in Volume 55 of Physics Education! For more information about the PASCO Wireless Smart Gate, please visit the Wireless Smart Gate product page.

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