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Donors is an online crowdsourcing charity that allows teachers to crowd source support for projects or equipment. The general public can donate money to purchase supplies for the project a teacher has proposed. The organization was founded in 2000 by a teacher and has been used in nearly 80% of public schools in the US since then, raising over $700M.


Can I buy PASCO equipment through

Yes! However, it will take a little extra effort from you because PASCO is not on the “approved vendor” list because is not accepting additional vendors on that list. However, they do still support projects that include equipment from vendors not on their list. To purchase PASCO equipment, you need to submit a Special Request. There are things to keep in mind if you want to submit a special request:

  1. You may not use a special request on your first project. If this is your first time, pick a small product/service from the partner vendors to get a project completed.
  2. Special requests must be submitted through an official process.

Here are some resources to get you started:

You may also contact to ask for assistance and let them know you’d like to purchase PASCO materials.

Note: PASCO has no affiliation with