Our award winning software is designed with both science educators and science students in mind.

Data Collection and Analysis Software

Your choice of SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone


SPARKvue software was designed to be intuitive enough to use with young learners yet powerful enough for AP and university applications.  Whether on a Mac, PC, iPad or Android tablet it provides the same look and feel.  Use it to empower your own experiments & curriculum or choose from any of the more than 80 free SPARKlab interactive lab activities.

PASCO Capstone

PASCO Capstone was designed from the ground up to be the most powerful software available for high level physics and engineering applications or for anyone that wants the advanced capabilities it offers.  Highly flexible with complete user control, Capstone is available for Mac or Windows.

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Other PASCO Software Offerings

Free Spectrometry Software

Designed for use with our Wireless Spectrometer this software allows you to measure intensity, absorbance, transmittance, and fluorescence. 

The most flexible and cost effective tool for your spectrometry needs, the PC and Mac versions of the software come free with purchase of the Wireless Spectrometer and the iOS app is free for download in the App Store.

MatchGraph! for computers and tablets

MatchGraph! helps engage students as they interpret position and velocity graphs by making a game of it!  Your students will internalize the concepts of position, velocity, acceleration, frame of reference and slope quickly and intuitively.

Currently available for Windows, Macs and with a free iOS app. Convenient bundles give you everything you need to get started.

Looking for DataStudio?

After 12 years as the premier data acquisition, display and analysis software for high school and university science, DataStudio was superseded by a data collection and analysis software designed to be the most powerful and flexible option for physics and engineering labs - PASCO Capstone.

With its new features this software will make your existing PASCO USB interfaces even more useful and will take advantage of the capabilities of the 550 and 850 Universal Interfaces and allow compatibility with new and innovative products such as the Smart Carts. We’ve even made it easier than ever to make the switch from DataStudio. PASCO Capstone will open all of your DataStudio or Xplorer GLX files while adding a wealth of new features and options.