High-Resolution Force Sensor
High-Resolution Force Sensor
The High Resolution Force Sensor has 10 times the resolution of the PS-2104, and can measure changes in force of less than 0.01 N. The digital design of the PS-2189 results in very little drift, ensuring that the tare will hold for hours. You can use this force sensor as a pan balance for long-term experiments, like investigating the evaporation of liquids such as alcohol or liquid nitrogen, and the sublimation of dry ice!
High-Resolution Force Sensor
High Resolution Force Sensor screen
Graph shows force data for the oscillation of a mass and spring system.
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The PASPORT High Resolution Force Sensor is designed to make very high resolution measurements of pulling and pushing forces.

What's Included
  • 1x Bumper Attachment
  • 1x Hook Attachment
  • 1x Bracket Thumbscrew
  • 1x Rod Clamp Thumbscrew
What to Consider

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