Wireless Sensors and Chromebooks

Wireless Sensors can now be connected directly to Chromebooks. Already using USB Bluetooth Adapters? Read the important information below.

New Users
If you have purchased PASCO Wireless Sensors after October 1, 2018, you can simply pair them directly to your Chromebook using Bluetooth and perform your activity or experiment.You will not ever need to use a USB Bluetooth Adapter (PS-3500).

Existing Users
If you have already been using our USB Bluetooth Adapter (PS-3500) with your Chromebooks and Wireless Sensors. You can stop using the USB adapter after you update the firmware of ALL* of the Wireless Sensors. We know that it can be difficult to manage all the devices at your school. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you keep the adapters in your Chromebooks for the remainder of the year and update ALL sensor firmware when you are prompted throughout the year.

At the end of the school year, verify that ALL of your Wireless Sensors have the latest firmware updates. If they do, then for the next school year you can simply connect the Wireless Sensors directly to your Chromebooks without the USB Bluetooth Adapters.

USB Bluetooth Adapter


This adapter allows Chromebooks, Windows computers and older Macs to connect up to three Bluetooth 4 devices such as wireless sensors, Smart Carts, or the AirLink interface.

Steps to begin using Wireless Sensors and Chromebooks without the USB Bluetooth Adapter (PS-3500):

To move away from the use of the adapter immediately you will need to take the following actions.

1. Gather ALL the Wireless Sensors that you have.
2. Connect the USB Bluetooth adapter(s) to your Chromebooks(s)
3. Open the SPARKvue app (version 3.2 or later)
4. One by one, pair each sensor via Bluetooth or connect via USB. If you get a dialog box stating that a Firmware update is available for the sensor, click to update the firmware.
Firmware updates will happen faster via USB if there is an available USB connection.
5. Once ALL sensors are confirmed to be updated, the USB Bluetooth Adapter is no longer needed*

*Warning: If you connect a Wireless Sensor with outdated firmware directly to your Chromebook without the USB Bluetooth Adapter, the performance of that specific sensor with that particular Chromebook will be negatively affected. The Wireless Sensor can subsequently have its firmware updated by connecting to a different Chromebook with the USB Bluetooth Adapter connected (or via a Smartphone or computer running SPARKvue 3.2 or higher) but will continue to experience diminished performance if used with the Chromebook it was paired to without the USB Bluetooth Adapter.

Additional Resources

If you experience any issues with Wireless Sensors and your Chromebooks, please contact PASCO Teacher Support for help.

For full details and information about SPARKvue software, please visit the SPARKvue home page.