ScienceWorkshop Sensors

PASCO's original line of sensors.

What ScienceWorkshop sensors offer:

  • These sensors output a voltage, which is calibrated to correspond to the measurement. 
  • Perfect for teaching about sensing elements or for incorporating into student circuits
  • The digital sensors provide unmatched accuracy and precision
  • The sample rates can be up to 10 MHz depending on the interface used.


  • Direct connection to the high speed analog inputs or the digital inputs of the 550 and 850 Universal Interfaces
  • Direct connection to legacy ScienceWorkshop interfaces such as the 500 or 750.
  • Can be used with PASPORT interfaces with the proper adapter though performance may be impacted.

Analog ScienceWorkshop sensors

Sensors having an 8-pin or 5-pin DIN connector. They offer the highest possible sampling rates and output a voltage which can be used to explore their functionality.

Current Sensor


Determines the current through the sensor by measuring the voltage across the internal resistor.

Force Sensor


Designed to measure both pulling and pushing forces allowing labs from cart collisions to tug-of-war.

Economy Force Sensor


Designed to measure both pulling and pushing forces allowing labs from cart collisions to tug-of-war. ScienceWorkshop version.

Light Sensor


Allows measurement of relativity light intensity.

High-Sensitivity Light Sensor


Designed for experiments involving low light level conditions. ScienceWorkshop version.

Magnetic Field Sensor


Designed to measure magnetic field with three selectable ranges of +-1000 gauss.

Pressure Sensor (Absolute)


Measures the gas pressure in a closed or open system (container or atmospheric pressure).

Sound Sensor


Allows measurement of relative intensity of sound.

Temperature Sensor


Used for measuring the temperature of liquids, air, and other materials. ScienceWorkshop Version.

Voltage Probes

These probes provide a simple connection between a Universal Interface and an electronic circuit.

Digital Science Workshop sensors

ScienceWorkshop sensors having one or two 1/4" stereo phone plugs. They provide a high level of accuracy and feature such physics and engineering staples as our Photogates and Rotary Motion Sensor.

Photogate Head


Monitors the motion of objects passing through its gate, counting events as the object breaks the infrared beam. For use with PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

Rotary Motion Sensor


Allows students to measure angular velocity, acceleration, centripetal forces, and other full range of motion experiments.

Motion Sensor II


Accurately measures position, velocity, and acceleration of a target. ScienceWorkshop version.

G-M Tube/Power Supply


A Geiger-Muller probe that senses alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

Freefall Adapter


This adapter is an auto release mechanism that works with Photogate Timers, Smart Timer, and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

Time-of-Flight Accessory


Use with a Photogate to capture time of flight data. Timing starts when object passes through photogate and stops when object impacts this landing pad. For use with PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.