Using ScienceWorkshop Sensors

PASCO's original line of sensors (in the black cases) can be used directly with the 550 or 850 Universal Interfaces or with the other PASPORT interfaces with the correct adapter.

With the 550 and 850 Universal interfaces:

In addition to their PASPORT ports both the 550 and 850 boast digital and analog inputs to accept ScienceWorkshop sensors directly. 

While the digital PASPORT sensors (in the blue cases) have their advantages, in some cases the analog sensors can have higher sampling rates and the raw data (as an output voltage) can be viewed for those wishing to delve into how the sensor functions.

550 Universal Interface


The 550 is fast, flexible, and powerful. It has half the ports and many of the great features of our 850 Interface in a smaller package. Compatible with SPARKvue or Capstone software. USB or Bluetooth connectivity.

850 Universal Interface


The most powerful science education lab interface in the world with the most ports, the fastest sampling, and unmatched functionality. Replaces several pieces of lab instrumentation. Compatible with Capstone software only. USB connectivity.

With other PASPORT Interfaces:

The AirLink,  SPARKlink Air, and legacy PASPORT interfaces can usually be used with an adapter. One exception is the ScienceWorkshop Sound Sensor which we don't recommend for use with an adapter due to the very high sample rates it requires.

Compatible with SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone software

Which adapter do I need?  

PASPORT Digital Adapter


The Digital Adapter allows ScienceWorkshop analog sensors to be connected and used with PASPORT interfaces.

PASPORT Analog Adapter


The PASPORT Analog Adapter is the ideal solution for connecting ScienceWorkshop sensors to your PASPORT interfaces.

With the legacy ScienceWorkshop Interfaces

Of course all ScienceWorkshop sensors can be used with PASCO's classic Science Workshop interfaces, the 750 and the 500.

While still supported, both the 750 and the 500 have been discontinued.  For existing 750 and 500 customers looking to upgrade, we recommend the 550 Universal Interface or the 850 Universal Interface if they want the same functionality with additional features.