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New Wireless Sensors

Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS


All-in-one instrument with 17 different measurements for investigating environmental conditions either instantaneously or over long periods. Perform GIS/mapping activities

Wireless Colorimeter And Turbidity Sensor


A colorimeter that simultaneously measures the absorbance and transmittance at six different wavelengths as well as a precise turbidimeter for water quality testing.

Wireless CO2 Sensor


The Wireless CO2 Sensor measures Carbon Dioxide gas levels wirelessly streams data to your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones.

Wireless Hand Grip Heart Rate Sensor


Easily measure heart rate before, during, and after exercise with the data transmitted wirelessly to your devices.

Wireless Exercise Heart Rate Sensor


A hands-free option for measuring heart rate before, during, and after physical activity.

Other new products:

Modular Circuits for Essential Physics


Eliminate the mess of wires with this ideal system for learning basic circuits. This system has more components than the Basic Set and includes the sensors. It is also a component of the Essential Physics program.

Smart Fan Accessory


Mounts directly to all PASCO carts to provide an applied force but when used with Smart Carts a vast array of functionality and programmability is available.

Hall Effect n-doped Germanium


Perform the Hall Effect experiment using this open design apparatus. Use it manually or in conjunction with PASCO sensors, interfaces and software.

Dissolved CO2 Waterproof Sleeve


An accessory for the Wireless CO2 Sensor that allows allowing aqueous measurements of dissolved carbon dioxide.