What's New for 2019?

A spotlight on new and featured products from PASCO

Complete and affordable curriculum solutions

Essential Physics

Essential Chemistry

Get Textbooks, revolutionary, cross-platform e-Books, a wealth of Teacher Resources, and PASCO Equipment all for less per student than the cost of traditional textbooks.

Essential Physics

Essential Chemistry

Next Gen Dataloggers

The SPARK LX (PS-3601) for all wireless connectivity

The SPARK LXi (PS-3600) for wireless and PASPORT connectivity

Need convenient stand-alone dataloggers for your lab stations?

The SPARK LX & LXi dataloggers come pre-loaded with science analysis tools!

New Wireless Sensors!

Wireless Motion


Wireless Temp Link


New Experiments!



Demonstration Motor/Generator Set


Using a hand-crank, turn the coil in between two magnets and generate current.



Ampere's Law Experiment


Combine the Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor and Wireless Magnetic Field Sensor to perform a hands-on Ampere's Law Experiment! Measure the magnetic field tangent to a closed loop and determine the enclosed current.

Classic demos every physics classroom needs!



Ball Ramp


Dropper Popper




Drop-Shoot Demo


Bell Jar


Singing Rods


Sound Pipes


Ball and Ring


Bi-metallic Strip


Colliding Spheres


UV Beads


UV Flashlight




Laplace Force Demo


Pith Balls


New Advanced Physics Apparatus!