What's New

A spotlight on new and featured products from PASCO

New for 2017:

Wireless CO2 Sensor


The Wireless CO2 Sensor measures Carbon Dioxide gas levels wirelessly streams data to your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones.

View our full line of wireless sensors.

Build Your Dynamics System!

Choose from our carts and tracks options to meet your classroom needs.

Basic Modular Circuits


Eliminate the mess of wires with this ideal system for learning basic circuits. Can be used as a standalone with a multimeter or add PASCO sensors to collect data in real time.

Modular Circuits for Essential Physics


Eliminate the mess of wires with this ideal system for learning basic circuits. This system has more components than the Basic Set and includes the sensors. It is also a component of the Essential Physics program.

New Wireless Bundles!

Freedom and flexibility without compromise. Convenient bundles of our most popular sensors for Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science, Middle School and Elementary School.

Thermal Expansion Apparatus


An accurate, simple and cost effective solution to investigating thermal expansion in the lab.

Smart Cart Charging Garage


Conveniently store and charge up to 5 PASCO Smart Carts.

Renewable Energy Bundle


Investigate key concepts around energy transformation and efficiency. Sensors included.

Ohaus USB Adapter


Connect an Ohaus electronic balance to your devices via USB and display and analyze data using PASCO Capstone or SPARKvue software.

Bluetooth® connection kit also available.

Force Sensor Track Bracket


For use in collision studies using PASCO carts and tracks. Mounts force sensors and includes accessories for investigating elastic and inelastic collisions.

Molecular Model Kit


An ideal set for introductory chemistry. All the components needed to create simple to complex molecules.

Flying Pig


A fun way to investigate circular motion and centripetal force. A staple of AP Physics.

Released in mid 2016:

Essential Physics

The best of both worlds, a great full-color, hardcover textbook AND an extraordinary, interactive e-Book for less than you would traditionally pay for either.

Smart Cart

The New Wireless Smart Cart is the ultimate tool for your physics lab with built-in sensors that measure force, position, velocity, and 6 degrees of freedom in acceleration.



The ErgoBot™ is a extraordinary new technology that allows you to teach both physics and engineering with hands-on action guaranteed to keep your students engaged in learning.

FLIR Infrared Camera


A compact camera for thermal imaging that records two images - one in the visible spectrum and one in the infrared and superimposes them. Analyze the photos or video using PASCO Capstone software.

Advanced Physics Through Inquiry 2 Teacher Guide


Teacher guide featuring labs designed for Advanced Placement Physics 2.

Heat Engine/Gas Law Apparatus


Perform quantitative experiments involving the Ideal Gas Law and for investigations of a working heat engine.

Wireless Sensors using Bluetooth® Smart connectivity. Low cost, cross platform and no additional equipment required.

Our most advanced and cost effective line of sensors ever. Stream data directly to computers, tablets, Chromebooks or Smartphones. Real time data collection as well as logging mode for long term experiments - a PASCO exclusive! 

Wireless Voltage Sensor


Easily measure voltage and explore electrochemical cells (batteries), Ohm's Law, Series and Parallel Circuits. Stream the data wirelessly to your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones.

Wireless Current Sensor


Has a very wide range with high speed sampling available. Ideal for understanding circuits and current flow. Stream the data wirelessly to your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones.

Wireless Light Sensor


Our most advanced Light Sensor. Measure light level (lux), and ultraviolet light as UVA, UVB and UV index. Also features RGB color detection and calculations for irradiance and PAR for photosynthesis studies.

Wireless Conductivity Sensor


Features an all-new design that measures both conductivity and total dissolved solids. Remove the clutter of wires and stream data directly to your devices.

Wireless Temperature Sensor


A durable, wireless, high-resolution temperature sensor instantly measures and graphs temperature data for a wide variety of STEM applications. Stream the data wirelessly to your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones.

Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor


The Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor contains a built-in load cell, 3-axis accelerometer & 3-axis gyro. It is ideal for investigating rotating platforms, moving carts, spring oscillations, collisions, impulse and more.

Wireless Pressure Sensor


The Wireless Pressure Sensor collects and streams accurate measurements of gas pressure. Study the Ideal Gas Law, Boyle's Law, human lungs, vapor pressure and more. Also works as a barometer for studying transpiration.

Wireless pH Sensor


The Wireless pH Sensor streams data directly to your computers, tablets, Chromebooks & smartphones. Far more accurate and effective than pH paper. More affordable than pH meters while boasting additional functionality.