2017 Legacy Products

After many years of production, these products are now in legacy status. This means that they will be available to purchase through the end of 2017 unless an unforseen problem arises in production or inventory.

The XPlorer GLX (PS-2002) and SPARK Science Learning System (PS-2008A) have been discounted and have limited quantities. They will be obsolete in 2018 - Get them while you can!

NOTE: If any link to a product below is not active, it means that product has been obsoleted and no more are available.

Part Number Description   Part Number Description
AP-8213B Stress-Strain Apparatus (PASPORT)1   ME-9452B Classic Dynamics System 2.2m2
AP-8214A Materials Stress/Strain Apparatus (no sensors)1   ME-9457 Friction Cart Accessory
CI-6734 Sodium Ion Selective Electrode   ME-9490 Super Dynamics System2
CI-6735 Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode   ME-9827 Hooke's Law Set
CI-6736 Lead Ion Selective Electrode   ME-9835 Light Duty Spring Set
ET-8770 Energy Transfer - Friction   OS-8459 Beginning Optics System
ET-8773  Energy Transfer - Flywheel Accessory   OS-8480 Diffraction Set - Introductory Optics
ET-8775 Energy Transfer - Generator Gearing   OS-8481 Color Filter Set - Introductory Optics
ET-8782 Energy Transfer - Thermoelectric   OS-8482 Polarizer Set - Introductory Optics
EX-5505A Materials Stress-Strain Experiment   OS-8483 Mirror Set - Introductory Optics
EX-5521A Torsion Pendulum Experiment   OS-8484 Slit Set - Introductory Optics
EX-5526A Frictional Energy Transfer Experiment   OS-8485 Screen/Target Set - Introductory Optics
ME-1270 Smart Cart Dynamics System 1.2 m2   OS-8486 Rotating Base Set - Introductory Optics
ME-1271 Smart Cart Dynamics System 2.2 m2   OS-8487 Component Set - Introductory Optics
ME-6694 Torsion Pendulum Accessory   OS-8488 Lens (75 mm) - Introductory Optics
ME-6801 Projectile Launcher (Long Range)3   OS-8489 Lens (-150 mm) - Introductory Optics
ME-6848 Multiple Length Spring Set   OS-8490 Lens (150 mm) - Introductory Optics
ME-6951 GOcar   OS-8500 Introductory Optics System
ME-6955A 1.2 m PAScar Dynamics System2   OS-8528A Diode Laser - Introductory Optics
ME-6956A 2.2 m PAScar Dynamics System2   OS-9287B Sodium Light Source (limited quantities)
ME-6961 Standard PAStrack Dynamics System2   PS-2002 XPlorer GLX (while supplies last)
ME-6962 Basic PAStrack Dynamics System2   PS-2008A SPARK Science Learning System (while supplies last)
ME-6965 PAStrack Inclined Plane Accessory   PS-2157 PASPORT Temperature Array
ME-6966 Inclined Plane Dynamics Set   SE-7582 100 mm Diameter Lens Assortment
ME-7004 Destructible Bridge Members   SE-7583 200 mm Diameter Lens Assortment
ME-7005 Destructible Bridge Members Spares   SE-8685 Pulley Demonstration System
ME-8093 Force Distribution System   TD-8513 Heat Conduction Apparatus
ME-8598 Venturi Apparatus   WA-7334 Demonstration Wave Spring
ME-9341 Introductory Rotational Apparatus   WA-9612 Resonance Tube
ME-9429C Classic Dynamics System 1.2m2   WA-9613 Sonometer Driver/Detector Coils
ME-9431A PAScar Expanded Dynamics System 2.2 m2   WA-9757 Sonometer System
ME-9432A PAScar Expanded Dynamics System 2.2m2   WA-9854A Economy Wave Driver

1.  Test coupons for the Stress-Strain apparatus will continue to be available.

2. You can now build your own Dynamics System by selecting the carts and track that you want.  

3. The Short Range Launcher has been renamed as simply Projectile Launcher (ME-6800) and is still available. So is the Mini-Launcher (ME-6825A)