Complete Physics Experiments

Classic Physics Experiments designed for use with a 550 or 850 Universal Interface and PASCO Capstone software.

Nearly 50 classic physics experiments using the power of PASCO software, probeware and lab equipment. These Capstone 'EX' experiments include the apparatus, sensors (when needed) and accessories - just add a universal interface and a license of PASCO Capstone software. Included with each 'EX' are experiment manuals and PASCO Capstone files. The experiment files are also available as free downloads.

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Every experiment listed can be performed with the 850 and most can be performed with the 550.  See individual experiments for details and requirements.


Atwoods Machine (EX-5501) Experiment Details | Download 

Projectile Motion (EX-5502) Experiment Details | Download 

Newton's Laws (EX-5503) Experiment Details | Download

Hooke's Law and Spring Potential (EX-5504) Experiment Details | Download

Centripetal Force on a Pendulum (EX-5505) Experiment Details | Download

Centripetal Force (EX-5506) Experiment Details | Download

Sliding Friction (EX-5508)  Experiment Details | Download

Impulse (EX-5509) Experiment Details | Download

Conservation of Momentum (EX-5510A) Experiment Details | Download 

Ballistic Pendulum (EX-5511A) Experiment Details | Download

Conservation of Energy (EX-9935) Experiment Details | Download

Conservation of Energy II (EX-5512) Experiment Details | Download

Work-Energy Theorem (EX-5513A)  Experiment Details | Download 

Rotational Inertia (EX-5516A) Experiment Details | Download

Conservation of Angular Momentum (EX-5517A) Experiment Details | Download 

Archimedes Principle (EX-9909) Experiment Details | Download

Physical Pendulum (EX-5518A) Experiment Details | Download

Universal Gravitation Constant (EX-5550) Experiment Details | Download 


Bridge Vibrations (EX-5548) Experiment Details | Download

Variable-g Pendulum (EX-5519A) Experiment Details | Download

Large Amplitude Pendulum (EX-5520A) Experiment Details | Download 

Driven Damped Harmonic Oscillations (EX-5522A) Experiment Details | Download

Chaos Experiment (EX-5523A) Experiment Details | Download


Specific Heat (EX-5524A) Experiment Details | Download

Electrical Equivalent of Heat (EX-5525) Experiment Details | Download

Ideal Gas Law (EX-5527) Experiment Details | Download

Blackbody Radiation (EX-5529A) Experiment Details | Download

Heat Engine Cycles (EX-5530A) Experiment Details | Download

Ratio of Specific Heat (EX-5531) Experiment Details | Download


Electrostatic Charge (EX-5532) Experiment Details | Download

Charge of an Electron (EX-9929) Experiment Details | Download

Coulomb's Law (EX-9930) Experiment Details | Download

Capacitance (EX-5533) Experiment Details | Download 

Resistivity (EX-5534) Experiment Details | Download

Ohm's Law (EX-5535) Experiment Details | Download

RC Circuit (EX-5536) Experiment Details | Download

LRC Circuit (EX-5537) Experiment Details | Download

Kirchhoff's Rules (EX-5538) Experiment Details | Download

Earth's Magnetic Field (EX-5539A) Experiment Details | Download 

Magnetic Forces on Wires (EX-9933) Experiment Details | Download

Magnetic Fields of Coils (EX-5540A) Experiment Details | Download

Faraday's Law of Induction (EX-5541A) Experiment Details | Download

Waves and Optics

Vibrating Strings (EX-5542) Experiment Details | Download 

Mechanical Waves (EX-9952) Experiment Details | Download 

Polarization (EX-5543A) Experiment Details | Download

Telescope/Microscope  (EX-9988) Experiment Details | Download

Brewster's Angle (EX-5544A) Experiment Details | Download

Interference and Diffraction of Light (EX-5545A) Experiment Details | Download

Light Intensity vs Distance (EX-5547A) Experiment Details | Download

Speed of Light (EX-9932A) Experiment Details | Download


Atomic Spectra (EX-5546B) Experiment Details | Download

Photoelectric Effect (EX-5549A) Experiment Details | Download