Ripple Tank System
Ripple Tank
The Doppler effect is clearly demonstrated by moving the dipper. In this picture the movement is downward.
Ripple Tank System
Ripple Tank System
Ripple Tank System
The yellow convex lens focuses the plane water waves. The waves show a pronounced refraction due to the abrupt change in depth of the water over the plastic lens.
Ripple Tank System
Refraction occurs at the boundaries of this rhomboid shape.
Ripple Tank System
Diffraction Barriers are used to create a double slit to show interference. The barriers can be changed to adjust the slit width and slit separation.
U.S. Educator Price

Demonstrate all manner of basic wave phenomena with this easy to use and complete system. Includes all necessary equipment.

What's Included
  • 1x Ripple Tank (complete components list at right)
  • 1x Ripple Generator/Light Source
  • 1x Water Resistant Storage Box included (64 cm x 52 cm x 17 cm)
What to Consider

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