Smart Timer
Smart Timer
Rotary motion—In Acceleration: Linear Pulley mode; the Smart Timer measures the acceleration of the string over the Smart Pulley.
Smart Timer
Two Photogate Ports
Smart Timer
Speed of projectile—In Time: Two Gates mode; determine the speed of a ball fired by a Projectile Launcher through two photogates.
Smart Timer
Speed before and after collision—In Speed: Collision mode; use two carts and two photogates with a single Smart Timer to measure initial and final speeds of both carts.
Smart Timer
Speed of object through one gate—In Time: One Gate mode; timing begins when the photogate beam is first blocked and continues until the beam is blocked again. Use the fence supplied with the Smart Timer.
Smart Timer
Double Positive-click Buttons
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A versatile cost-effective, portable way for making accurate time, speed, acceleration, and count measurements.

What's Included
  • 1x Smart Timer
  • 2x Picket Fences
  • 1x 9 VAC Adapter
  • 1x Lab Manual
What to Consider

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