Zeeman Effect
Power Supply
for Hg lamp and electromagnet
Mercury Pen Lamp
Interference Filter
Fabry-Perot Interferometer
PASCO Capstone Software
Zeeman Effect
The optics and track come in an aluminum hard case with foam cutouts for each component.
Zeeman Effect
End view through the axis of the magnetic.
Zeeman Effect
Electromagnet produces over one Tesla.
Zeeman Effect
The vertical position can be adjusted precisely with the fine-adjustment mechanism.
Zeeman Effect
Lens and polarizer mount can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.
Zeeman Effect
Zeeman pattern and data in PASCO Capstone
Zeeman Effect
Measuring Zeeman ring in PASCO Capstone
U.S. Educator Price

Classic experiment in which students observe the interference pattern from a Fabry-Perot interferometer resulting from the spectral line of a mercury lamp in a magnetic field.

What's Included
  • 1x Electromagnet
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x Optics
  • 1x PASCO Capstone Single User License.
What to Consider

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