PASCO's original line of sensors (in the black cases) can be used directly with the 550 or 850 Universal Interfaces, the legacy ScienceWorkshop Interfaces, or with our other PASPORT interfaces by using the correct adapter.

With 550 and 850 Universal Interfaces

In addition to their PASPORT ports both the 550 and 850 boast digital and analog inputs to accept ScienceWorkshop sensors directly. While the digital PASPORT sensors (in the blue cases) have their advantages, in some cases the analog sensors can have higher sampling rates and the raw data (as an output voltage) can be viewed for those wishing to delve into how the sensor functions.

With Legacy 500 and 750 ScienceWorkshop Interfaces

Of course all ScienceWorkshop sensors can be used with PASCO's classic ScienceWorkshop interfaces, the 750 and the 500. While still supported, both the 750 and the 500 have been discontinued. For existing customers looking to upgrade, we recommend the 550 Universal Interface or the 850 Universal Interface if they want the same functionality with additional features.

With other PASPORT Interfaces

The PASCO AirLink and SPARKlink Air interfaces can usually be used with a proper adapter. One exception is the ScienceWorkshop Sound Sensor (CI-6506). Which we don't recommend for use with an adapter due to the very high sample rates it requires. See below for choosing between an analog or digital PASPORT Adaptor.

When to use a PASPORT Analog Adaptor

Use an Analog Adapter to connect any black ScienceWorkshop sensor having an 8-pin or 5-pin DIN connector to a PASPORT interface. The following ScienceWorkshop sensors connect using an Analog Adapter:

  • Acceleration (CI-6558)
  • Charge (CI-6555)
  • Current (CI-6556)
  • Current, High (CI-6740)
  • EKG (CI-6539)
  • Force (CI-6537)
  • Force, Economy (CI-6746)
  • Force Platform (CI-6461)
  • Light (CI-6504)
  • Light, Broad Spectrum (CI-6630)
  • Light, High-Sensitivity (CI-6604)
  • Light, UVA (CI-9784)
  • Magnetic Field (CI-6520)
  • Pressure Sensor-Absolute (CI-6532)
  • Pressure Sensor-Low (CI-6534)
  • Sound (CI-6506)
  • Temperature (CI-6605)
  • Temperature, High Accuracy (CI-6525)
  • Thermistor Temperature (CI-6527)
  • Voltage (CI-6503)

When to use a PASPORT Digital Adaptor

Use a Digital Adapter to connect any black ScienceWorkshop sensor having one or two 1/4" stereo phone plugs to a PASPORT interface. The following ScienceWorkshop sensors connect using a Digital Adapter:

  • Freefall Adapter (ME-9207)
  • G-M Tube/Power Supply (SN-7927)
  • Laser Switch (ME-9529)
  • Motion Sensor II (CI-6742)
  • Photogate, Accessory (ME-9204)
  • Photogate Head (ME-9498)
  • Photogate/Pulley System (ME-6838)
  • Rotary Motion (CI-6538)
  • Time-of-Flight Accessory (ME-6810)

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions regarding our equipment or software, contact PASCO Technical Support. We're here to help.