PASCO’s Structure Systems offer a realistic, hands-on method for students to design and create life-like structures in the classroom. Perfect for design-based experimentation, these systems range in complexity from single trusses to dynamic kits. This page explains and compares all of our Structure System options and accessories for your convenience.

Structures Systems

Imagine. Design. Analyze.

Trusses, bridges, roller coasters, cranes, booms, human models, and much more can all be quickly built and analyzed. Far more advanced than toothpick models and much more hands-on than computer simulations, PASCO Structure Systems are ideal for developing structures with real-world designs.

The ease of use of PASCO Structures Systems allows students to quickly build, test, and redesign their structures to support the engineering process.

Designing and building structures is simple and easy.

I-beams fit into connectors and are secured with thumb screws.

Load Cells measure the compression and tension in the structure.

… and may be placed anywhere in your structure.

Load Cells are then plugged into a Load Cell Amplifier connected to a PASCO interface, which is connected by USB or Bluetooth to a device running PASCO software. Wireless Load Cells can be directly connected to PASCO software using Bluetooth.

PASCO software then allows students to view a graph of the forces in real-time and analyze the resulting data with a suite of powerful tools.

Basic Sets

Specialty Sets

Adding Measurement

Accessories & Specialty Beams

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions regarding our equipment or software, contact PASCO Technical Support. We're here to help.