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The Water Cycle

Lab Summary

Use a weather sensor to measure the conditions in a water cycle model.


To understand this content, students:

  • Build a water cycle tower model out of 2-liter soda bottles.
  • Measure the relative humidity of the atmosphere in the model when ice cubes are added.
  • Measure the change in relative humidity inside the model as it is heated for five minutes with a lamp.
  • Analyze graphical information and draw conclusions based on evidence.

Sensors / Equipment Used:

PASPORT 6-in-1 Weather Sensor


Measures barometric pressure, relative altitude, absolute and relative humidity, dew point, and temperature. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

PASPORT Sensor Extension Cable


Allows an additional two meter length extension on all PASPORT sensors.

Materials Used:

Utility lamp with clip (with a 60-W or 75-W incandescent bulb)
Clean 2-L soda bottles - 3
Ice cubes ~350 mL
Transparent packing tape ~2 m
Meter stick
Permanent marker, black or dark color
Assembled water cycle tower 
Razor blade or sharp knife
Transparent packing tape ~ 2 m

The Associated Bundle:

Elementary School Science Standard Sensor Bundle


This bundle contains the probeware needed to perform all 25 lab activities in the Elementary School Introductory Science Experiments.

Interface Required

This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.