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Specific Heat

Lab Summary

Use a fast response temperature sensor to determine the identity of an unknown metal by calculating the specific heat of the metal and comparing it to a list of known values.


Experimentally determine the identity of an unknown metal. Through this investigation, students:

  • Differentiate the concepts of temperature and heat.
  • Understand the fundamental components of specific heat.


Students conduct the following procedures:

  • Record physical observations of the unknown substance.
  • Use a calorimeter to measure the temperature change inside.
  • Calculate specific heat of an unknown metal.
  • Identify the metal from a list of options.

Sensors / Equipment Used:

PASPORT Chemistry Sensor


Allows students to measure Temperature, pH/ISE/ORP, Absolute Pressure & Voltage in one sensor. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

Materials Used:

Beaker, 250-mL 
Beaker, 400-mL 
Graduated cylinder, 100-mL 
Balance, centigram 
Hot plate 
Polystyrene cup - 2
Lid for the polystyrene cup 
Paper towels - As needed
Water (from the tap) - 250 mL
Distilled (deionized) water - 200 mL
Metal sample, unknown, up to 4 × 4 × 4 cm

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Interface Required

This experiment may require software and an interface for data collection.